My New Adventure!

Hello Bloggies,
So this is just my intro blog tellin' ya what the heck this 19 year old girl is doing on the cyberworld.
So that's me up above. My name is Khadija and I live in Puerto Rico. I am 19 years old andcurrently studying accounting in the University of Puerto Rico.

so I am just about obssesed with makeup lately so, I opened up a youtube channel just to let yougals who are just like me know my two-cents. I am a beginner, hence the name of the channel so, I am embarking on this experience with you all to learn everything I can. I do tutorials, reviews, tags and just about whatever else I want on my channel. This blog will have pictures of swatchesand such when I do reviews but it will also have pictures of finished look from tutorial and so andforth. Maybe a sprinkle or two of pictures from my personal life. I'm super excited of having embarked on this journey with you guys.

Take care loves
-Love, Peace and Makeup

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