Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette Swatches and Review

This is one of three 8 pan palettes wet n wild released in 2011 which are exclusive to wal-mart and walgreens and replaced the 6 pan palettes in those stores. The one I have picked and maybe the last one I will pick up is comfort zone. I picked it up at walgreens for a measly $4.99 which is a great deal for 8 shadows. What I am going to do to let you know what I think about each shadow is describe the shades and let you know what I think about the formulation.

Overall: 28/35: 80% : B
Product: 10/10
Price: 5/5
Shade: 5/10
Pigment: 8/10

Overall this palette is very pigmented, affordable and great if you like the colors. If I had been more fond of the shades, this definitely would be a holy grail product. Check it out if you like these types of colors although I think the palette is worth it just for the right definer shade. 

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Rimmel London Lasting Finish Blush in Berry

Most of you must have taken advantage of CVS's super cosmetic sale a few months back where most makeup was slashed down 50-75%. One of the products that I picked up during that sale was Rimmel London's Lasting Finish Blush in the shade Berry which you can pick up on Amazon for $7.85.

artificial light with no flash
artificial light with flash

I would describe this blush as a frosty purple-pink berry shade. It is much more intimidating in the pan than on the face. I love the subtle sheen it gives when applied that brightens up my face without looking glittery or fake.  This is a pretty blush for fair to medium skin tones but darker mediums should shy away since it's not crazy pigmented and I think will be too much of a hassle to put on. These blushes are pretty affordable at your local wal-mart so I recommend checking it out. It's one of those "easy peasy" blushes that you can wear when you are not really sure what to pop on your face. (That sounded gross) :)

Overall thoughts on the product?
I think it's a gorgeous everyday blush that everyone should take a look at. It's not your everyday pink but I'm sure it's not too far out of most girls' comfort zone.

Overall: 28/35: 80% : B
Product: 9/10
Price: 5/5
Shade: 7/10
Pigment: 7/10

Would you like to see pictures of me wearing the blush click read more to see:


Hard Candy Fox in a Box Blush in Smooth Talker: Review

Hard Candy Fox in a Box Blush in Smooth Talker

I have recently been bitten by a crazy little fox. If you are are around the YouTube or blog world you know that Hard Candy has recently released a set of blushes that are reminescent a blatant copy of Benefit's boxed blushes that retail for $28. 

I stopped by local Wal-Mart which is in Manatí, Puerto Rico late at night and decided to check to see if we already got our Hard Candy Fox in a Box Blushes. *Ding Ding Ding*, we did and there was a display of three shades and only two were available which are Spicy and Sweet  and Smooth Talker. I had recently seen Productrater's review saying that there were rumors that HC's Smooth Talker was a dupe for Benefit's Sugarbomb I decided to pick it up. Honestly, they look so similar in the pan except that Benefit's quad was divided by triangles and Hard Candy's were four squares.

Honestly, in the box it didn't look that appealing but I decided to buy it anyway. When I got to my dorm I opened them up grabbed by handy Sigma F40 blush brush and went to town. What an ugly suprise when this little blush did not show up on my face. I piled and piled and I got nothing more than a faint peachy blush. Nothing nearly as noticible for my liking and I'm a pretty pale girl. Also, when I rubbed my brush around I found it to be extremely powdery and left a mess all over my counter. Maybe next time I'll try another shade but I really doubt that I would like to give another blush a try.

Oh, just so you know. Hard Candy says they don't test on animals that makes me and my doggy happy :)

Have you tried it, what do you think? Recommendations?

This blush is available in Walmart for $5.99
Overall: 10/35: 29% : F
Product: 1/10
Price: 2/5
Shade: 6/10
Pigment: 1/10

I guess it would be an okay blush for the fairest of the fair who can't pull off highly pigmented blushes but honestly I'd rather have a crazy pigmented blush and apply it lightly. I've heard good thing about Hot Flash, maybe that'd be better luck?

Here's are some swatches after the jump:


Product Review: L'Oreal True Match Foundation

This foundation is a product that I didn't think I'd be reviewing. If you have been following my blog, watching my videos or reading my LUUUX posts you know that i am not really a foundation wearer. Usually I will sweep ELF Complexion Perfection all over my face or a tinted moisturizer on the ocassion when I felt like putting in a little more effort.
Well, on one of my most recent trips to wal-mart I was checking out the cosmetics section and I saw the L'oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup Setup and I decided to color-match myself just for fun. The instructions for color matching your foundation is to pull a card they have up to your wrist and whichever little square disappears into your skin is your match. I pulled out the card and voila one of the colors disappeared completely. 
I checked out the bottle and the color was super dark, I always figured I was a lighter complexioned girl. But then again, I had never used foundation before in my life. Well my match was to N4 Buff Beige or W6 Beige Chamois and according to Temptalia's Foundation Matrix I am an NC 40 in MAC.
What? Could it be? 
Completely intrigued by this strange match I decided to pick up the foundation. 

So what do I think about it?

I am in LOVE! 
The foundation was a perfect match to my skin. tone. The foundation blends like a dream on my face and covers pretty well. My favorite way to wear this foundation.is with my tapered duo fibre brush from Sigma F15.
It gives me light to medium coverage and gives me a dewy look without looking overly shiny. I've been using it for about a month now and it hasn't made me break out just yet. It doesn't really cake up unless you apply an excess amount. 
As for the bad things about this foundation, since it is so blendable it tends to transfer off of my face and onto my clothing after sweating. I sweat on a daily basis since I live in Puerto Rico and it is pretty humid over here. Also when sweating it beads up and is really noticable that I am wearing foundation which kind of defeats the purpose right? Although it tends to transfer when sweaty I can tell it's long lasting because it lasts all day on the back of my hand after I apply it.

I will continue to use it while we get into the cooler months praying that it won't transfer as much once the weather cools down.

L'oreal has a great range of 24 shades currently available, in warm, cool and neutral undertones. They make the color matching simple. Also it doesn't contain oils or fragrances. Also it has an SPF of 17 and moisturizers including Glycerin and Vitamins B and E.

Going to update soon with pictures!


Review: Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Foundation

Hello people of the blog-o-sphere! Hope today has been a great Monday and if it wasn't that's okay it's almost over now, the worst part is over. Well recently I stopped by my local walgreens and picked a foundation super cheap. The foundation is Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid Foundation - Nude. I picked this up for a measly $2.79, while the regular price ranges from $7.00 - $9.00, so be sure to check your walgreens out for those orange sticker sales which are usually so good.

Look at the sparkly cap! Makes me Happy!

So this might not be the newest foundation on the block and I might be the thousandth person reviewer but I review where I see fit. The thing about reviewing foundations is that if you found the perfect shade it is difficult to be completely objective since when you have a perfect match we seem to be very happy. Of course, the opposite is also true. So, I am kind of biased to liking this foundation since it matches me to a T, it's remarkable really!

As you can see it is kind of liquidy without being as extremely runny as a tinted moisturizer!

Lighly blended on my hand.

Almost completely blended out and you can see the shine it gives off.

The packaging might not be the most sleek or sexy packaging but it certainly is functional and hygienic. I personally prefer a foundation that is not super bulky if it's only going to give me standard ounce since it makes it impossible to store. The lid is a pretty burgundy color with shimmer that twists on and off. The packaging makes it easy to squeeze out a little bit at a time without pouring contaminated foundation back into the bottle.  I wish more foundations came like this, I'm talking to you L'Oreal True Match.

Now on to the formula, the formula comes out very yellow which kind of suits me since I tend to be more on the pink or neutral side and yellow balances me out. If I use pink based foundation, I tend to get pinker and look strange. So the formula is on the thinner side and is light coverage. It feels more (and looks) more like a tinted moisturizer than a a heavy foundation. Personally, I kind of prefer that since I don't have much to cover up on an everyday basis. In being similar to a tinted moisturizer, is that it also doesn't ever really set on your face. It feels sticky and wet and needs something over it to keep it from moving all over your face. I personally believe it works okay to cover redness and even out skintone without looking cakey. The major problem, is that it only lasts like 5-6 hours on my face even in air conditioning but I just take a powder to touch up and help me through out the day. Let's have a look at some pictures and you can be the judge.

No Makeup At All Just Woke Up
Just wanted to point out as well, as you can see my face is way lighter than my skin naturally so if my foundation looks kind of off, that is why :)

No Makeup

 So now for half of my face with foundation so you can really see the difference:

Half Foundation/ No Foundation

As you can tell it does cover up my redness and even out my skin tone significantly without looking like I took 12 hours to put on my makeup.

Now for a complete face of foundation.

Foundation all over my face now

So for my final judgement I will say this is great moisturizing foundation for those with dryer skin types. People with oily skin should run away because their face will be oil slick city after a few hours with this thing especially around the nose region. Also, if you have a little more to cover up be sure to use a concealer because this will not cover up major imperfections. 

I didn't want to leave you guys with a disgusting face of makeup so here's my finished look of the day. 

Toodles! Have a great day! Stay fabulous and check out my links below :)

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Nail Polish of the Year!

You might have read all of my nail of the week posts and obviously I have painted my nails many more times. So, it's time for my FAVORITE nail polish of the year.

Drumroll please...

I'm Baaack!

Hello Sweethearts,

It's been a while since I've uploaded a new blog post. Lots have gone on in the past few months and I am so excited. Youtube is going super well for me and I enjoy it so much. I want to start dedicating more time to my blog since I have been really letting it go in the past few months. College is going great (even though we are still on strike), my relationship couldn't be better, and my family is going awesome. I really am grateful for the way my life has been going and I couldn't complain.

Also I have a few posts to update and many great ideas coming soon. I am really trying to think this contest I am planning. Should it be on Youtube or right here? I really have no clue but I can't wait to give something back to you for all you have given to me.  

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