Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette Swatches and Review

This is one of three 8 pan palettes wet n wild released in 2011 which are exclusive to wal-mart and walgreens and replaced the 6 pan palettes in those stores. The one I have picked and maybe the last one I will pick up is comfort zone. I picked it up at walgreens for a measly $4.99 which is a great deal for 8 shadows. What I am going to do to let you know what I think about each shadow is describe the shades and let you know what I think about the formulation.

Overall: 28/35: 80% : B
Product: 10/10
Price: 5/5
Shade: 5/10
Pigment: 8/10

Overall this palette is very pigmented, affordable and great if you like the colors. If I had been more fond of the shades, this definitely would be a holy grail product. Check it out if you like these types of colors although I think the palette is worth it just for the right definer shade. 

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Browbone left: Shimmery light yellow toned color. In my opinion it way too pigmented and yellow to be a highlight color but it would look wonderful in the inner corner of the lid. 

Eyelid Left: This shade is a satin orange copper color. It is very pigmented but too orange for my taste. Personally I am not too fond of the shade all over the lid because it makes me look sick if I apply it on my lid.

Crease Left: This color is very similar to the eyelid color except that the eyelid leans on the orange side while the crease leans on the bronze side. 

Definer left: This shade is perfect for what the name says. It is a super dark brown shade with gold glitter throughout which may end up on your face but I personally don't  think it's that bad. It is very similar to the shade in the I'm Getting Sunburned Trio.

Right Browbone: This is a frosty green shade. It is a lighter green but again not something I'd use on my browbone. I personally don't like this shade as it looks dull but it is very pigmented and smooth. Also, it definitely is too dark to be suitable for my eyelid.

Right Eyelid: I would call this a medium toned asparagus green. It is frosty and smooth I do not really like it for my lid either. It's nothing against the shade or the pigmentation it just doesn't suit me well.

Right Crease: This shadow is a dark olive green. It is gorgeous for a green smokey eye and has some frost to it but no intense heavy glitter. I love this shade.

Right Definer: Finally my favorite shade of the bunch. It is an awesome duo tone shadow that looks like a reddish brown in some lights and green in others. This is said to be a MAC club dupe but I don't know. Honestly I recommend getting this palette even if you only want this color. For the price being under $5 it's not bad for a shadow. The dent is from trying to take macro pictures, boo!

Here are the swatches of all the shades: 

Swatches true to color except lower left the shadow isn't that dark
Left side of the Palette

Right Side of the Palette

Wet n Wild's Instructions and Ingredients

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