Hard Candy Fox in a Box Blush in Smooth Talker: Review

Hard Candy Fox in a Box Blush in Smooth Talker

I have recently been bitten by a crazy little fox. If you are are around the YouTube or blog world you know that Hard Candy has recently released a set of blushes that are reminescent a blatant copy of Benefit's boxed blushes that retail for $28. 

I stopped by local Wal-Mart which is in Manatí, Puerto Rico late at night and decided to check to see if we already got our Hard Candy Fox in a Box Blushes. *Ding Ding Ding*, we did and there was a display of three shades and only two were available which are Spicy and Sweet  and Smooth Talker. I had recently seen Productrater's review saying that there were rumors that HC's Smooth Talker was a dupe for Benefit's Sugarbomb I decided to pick it up. Honestly, they look so similar in the pan except that Benefit's quad was divided by triangles and Hard Candy's were four squares.

Honestly, in the box it didn't look that appealing but I decided to buy it anyway. When I got to my dorm I opened them up grabbed by handy Sigma F40 blush brush and went to town. What an ugly suprise when this little blush did not show up on my face. I piled and piled and I got nothing more than a faint peachy blush. Nothing nearly as noticible for my liking and I'm a pretty pale girl. Also, when I rubbed my brush around I found it to be extremely powdery and left a mess all over my counter. Maybe next time I'll try another shade but I really doubt that I would like to give another blush a try.

Oh, just so you know. Hard Candy says they don't test on animals that makes me and my doggy happy :)

Have you tried it, what do you think? Recommendations?

This blush is available in Walmart for $5.99
Overall: 10/35: 29% : F
Product: 1/10
Price: 2/5
Shade: 6/10
Pigment: 1/10

I guess it would be an okay blush for the fairest of the fair who can't pull off highly pigmented blushes but honestly I'd rather have a crazy pigmented blush and apply it lightly. I've heard good thing about Hot Flash, maybe that'd be better luck?

Here's are some swatches after the jump:

Can you see the swatches there? I can't.

The colors look pretty too bad they don't show up on me!

The Cheap-O Brush that's included...

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  1. The blush looks wonderful! It looks exactly like Benefits!