I'm Baaack!

Hello Sweethearts,

It's been a while since I've uploaded a new blog post. Lots have gone on in the past few months and I am so excited. Youtube is going super well for me and I enjoy it so much. I want to start dedicating more time to my blog since I have been really letting it go in the past few months. College is going great (even though we are still on strike), my relationship couldn't be better, and my family is going awesome. I really am grateful for the way my life has been going and I couldn't complain.

Also I have a few posts to update and many great ideas coming soon. I am really trying to think this contest I am planning. Should it be on Youtube or right here? I really have no clue but I can't wait to give something back to you for all you have given to me.  

Thanks for the support,

Khadija Chafouk-Idrissi

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