Nail Polish of the Year!

You might have read all of my nail of the week posts and obviously I have painted my nails many more times. So, it's time for my FAVORITE nail polish of the year.

Drumroll please...

and the winner is....

Sinful Colors Nail Junkie!!

You can't disagree that this is one of the funnest nail polishes around. I am usually not a fan of the nail polishes with chunky glitter but you can't disagree that it looks great on the nails. This is the nail polish that got most commented on when I wore it and even my boyfriend took a notice. 

Want to stay away from three bottles of nail polish remover and hours trying to get this off?
You do?

Here's a tip: to make your nail polish easier to remove be sure to apply a thick coat of clear polish before the nail polish and when you are done with the glitter, just peel it off.

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